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Welcome to Southern Idaho Real Estate

We are committed to southern Idaho's vast and diverse real estate opportunities! It is our goal to keep you, the buying community informed of available properties that may be of interest to you! We well post for your viewing all information available to us regarding investment properties, farms, ranches and special interest property in Southern Idaho.

We are located in the heart of the Northwest, with Denver Co, LA Cal, Portland Or, Seattle Washington, Missoula M, surrounding us making this the hub of transporting products throughout the northwest! Such companies as DOT Foods, Packaging Specialties, Dutchman Trailer, Reddex Chemical and others have already discovered this, now it's your turn!

It is our desire to make available to you through our web site all labor, school, city, county, state and lifestyle information that might better assist you in getting to know that the southern Idaho is a great place to do business and live the romantic western lifestyle!